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About Thermal Imaging

Full Body Imaging

Thermal Image of Back

FDA Approved

Thermal Image of Hands


No Referral Necessary

Thermal Image of Legs

Take Charge of Your Health!

With Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging

 Discover the Benefits of Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging.  The human body is an ideal subject for thermographic imaging. Temperature change associated with disease has been known for centuries.  Cellular inflammation is the beginning of cancer, it has a different heat pattern and temperature.  Inflammation at any tissue depth is recorded by color and pattern with thermography.  Colors showing a temperature change along with pattern change can indicate many types of inflammatory findings and dysfunction including nerve, vascular, muscular, and the body's response to pain and pathology in any region.  This vascular pattern is seen as a "thermal fingerprint" particular to the individual which can then be monitored for any changes over time.  If changes are detected by thermography you can have an earlier diagnosis.  Just like an annual pap smear test, which looks for cell change, thermography looks for vascular change.   

Thermal Images of Breast

Thermal Images of Breast


Thermal Image of Scoliosis & Fibromyalgia


Unfortunately, thermography testing in the state of Texas is not covered by insurance yet, but it is still afordable.

Full Body Scan

A full body scan, which includes 20 pictures is $375.

Regions of Interest

Regions of interest, like the breast, which come with 5 pictures are $175.

Storage & Review

After the digitized images are taken, they are stored in a computer that is encrypted (similar to a hospital or bank) and are sent electronically to a team of 20 doctors who are thermologist (certified for interpretation of the images and reporting). 

Good Health to You

Many have seen Dr. Joseph Mercola or Dr. Christiane Northup, author of "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom", on Oprah, and the Dr. Oz Show talking about thermography.  These doctors are blazing the trail and said thermography will become mainstream within the next decade.

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